Waxing, laser hair removal,
Vagacials, Facials, Lash Extensions, make up, Body treatments


Body waxing

Male & Female Brazilian  $60
Male & Female Full Bikini $55
Male & Female Bikini Line $40 
Full Butt $30
Stomach $35
Inner Thigh $20
Underarms $20
Lower Back $35
Upper Back $40
Full Back $ 75
Half Leg $50
Full Leg $90
Chest $40
Half Arms $50
Full Arms $60
Nipples $10
Stomach Strip $10
Butt Strip $10

Face waxing

Eyebrows $20
    with Tint $40
Kids Brows (under 15) $15
Unibrow $10
Lip $10
Cheeks $10
Chin $10
Neck $15
Hairline $15
Ears $10
Nose $10
Sideburns $20
Full Face $50

laser hair removal

                 1 session | 6 sessions (save 10%)

Small Area   $50 | $270
eyebrows, unibrow, lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks, ears, nose, fingers, toes and butt strip.  
Medium Area  $75 | $405
underarms, neck, hair line, beard line, beard, stomach strip, inner thighs, bikini line, areolas, hands and feet.
Large Area $150 | $810
chest, stomach, bikini, brazilian, full butt, shoulders, half arms and half legs.
Extra Large Area $250 | $1,350
full chest & stomach, full back, full arms and full legs.


Hydroderm  $175
One of the latest developments in skincare, this facial is a new & advanced system that combines hydrodermabrasion & oxygen infusion therapy for a perfect balanced treatment, all while supporting healthy blood circulation. Hydrodermabrasion is a great alternative to microdermabrasion. This treatment includes a deep cleanse & the hydrodermabrasion treatment with a customized cocktail of serums and moisturizers. 
VIP Hydroderm $250
Hydrofacial + additional add-ons for an even more customized service that provides all of the benefits while addressing your specific skin conditions and concerns. Includes a double cleanse, hydrodermabrasion and oxygen infusion treatment, custom hydrojelly mask, serums, and moisturizers. We finish off the facial with an LED therapy treatment, which stimulates the production of natural collagen and has other amazing benefits.
VIP CBD Hydroderm $260

Add Dermaplane + $40
Add Lymphatic Drainage + $40
Add Lip Plump + $40


VIP Brazilian $130
Brazilian Wax
 Deep Cleanse
 Ingrown  Extractions
 Custom Jelly Mask
 Ingrown Concentrate
 High Frequency 

VIP CBD Brazilian $135
Brazilian Wax
Vagacial with CBD products
 Deep Cleanse
 Ingrown Extractions
 1000mg CBD HydroJelly Mask
 Ingrown Concentrate
 High Frequency
 CBD Power Balm 

Enzyme Vagacial  $100
Deep Cleanse
Ingrown Extractions
Custom Jelly Mask
High Frequency
Custom Serum 

Butt Facials

VIP Buttocks $100
Full Butt Wax
Butt Facial
 Deep Cleanse
 Steam Extractions
 Custom Jelly Mask
 Ingrown Concentrate
 High Frequency

CBD Dope Buttocks $110
Full Butt Wax
Butt Facial with CBD products
 Deep Cleanse
 1000mg CBD HydroJelly Mask
 Ingrown Concentrate
 High Frequency
 CBD Power Balm

Enzyme Butt Facial  $100
 Deep Cleanse
 Ingrown Extractions
 Custom Mask
 High Frequency
 Custom Serum

Facials & Peels

Jessners Peel $140
This peel is recommended for moderate to advanced acne, keratinized skin, and aging skin. This peel is also great for reducing the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

Dermaplaning $140
This gentle treatment removes excess layers of dead skin cells on the stratum corneum and vellus hairs around the face and neck with the use of a medical grade scalpel. This treatment provides a painless exfoliation stimulating cell turnover. It is a great option for clients looking for an alternative to waxing, chemical peels or laser resurfacing. *Pregnancy/breastfeeding safe*

Hydration & Exfoliation
Blast with Oxygen
Increases hydration levels and provides anti-aging effects leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.

Detox Facial $150 
This deep cleansing and purifying treatment helps to remove toxins and pollutants, repair damage, and oxygenate the skin. Our Detox Facial alleviates clogged pores and supports skin health, leaving you with a glowing and nourished complexion.. 

Brighten & Lighten $120
Targets discoloration, dark spots, and photo-damage with the innovative technology of powerful peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and anti-oxidant packed nutrients

Protein Lift Oxygen Therapy $240
Lift and firm with this Protein Lift Oxygen Therapy treatment. CBD + Super Protein Masque, increases the cardiovascular system, helping to oxygenate and tighten tired skin cells.

CBD Acne Remedy $120
Combat skin impurities, acne marks, and excess oil production with a gentle chemical exfoliation and extractions. Includes a calming CBD powered booster that improves skin tone and texture.

Oncology Facial
Oncology treatment symptoms vary from person to person, and for many this results in dry, itchy, scaly skin, often with a sensitive rash like appearance. This service will soothe inflammation while helping to remove the textured build up of cells for a smoother complexion and rehydrated skin. This facial will aid in strengthening the skin barrier and the prevention of future flare ups. A skin analysis will be performed prior to the service.

Back To School Correcting $100 
Get your young adults back to school with a clean and refreshed complexion. This treatment incorporates powerful cleansing, hydrating and soothing anti-inflammatory properties to eliminate imperfections without being overly aggressive or sensitizing to the skin. A skin analysis will be performed prior to the service to customize your facial based on the client's individual needs. You can further customize your facial by adding on extractions, a CBD Hydrojelly Mask or a Dermaplane Treatment!

Exfoliating Pregnancy Facial $100
Safely and effectively exfoliate your dead, dull skin without any harm or risks during pregnancy with the use of both glycolic and protease enzymes. These ingredients are effective in working quickly to balance skin and leave you glowing.

Super Soothing Rosacea CBD Facial $120
This calming service contains CBD that has powerful anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties, making it ideal for treating rosacea using other products that contain soothing botanicals and hydrating ingredients to purify and instantly increase moisture into dry, irritated skin.

Soothing Mini $80
Includes Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Serum, Custom Hydrojelly Mask, High Frequency & Moisturizer

Soothing Mini with CBD $85
Soothing mini infused with CBD. A great option for all skin types but especially sensitive skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it the perfect option after a wax or if you suffer from certain types of inflammatory skin disorders.

Bearded Power Cleanse $90
Designed specifically for men with facial hair. This Facial will provide a deep clean while offering anti-aging and protection benefits leaving you with a manly healthy glow.

Colins Gentlemens Facial $120
Gentlemen deserve to be pampered too. This treatment will improve skin firmness, tone, and texture along with recharging worn-out skin. Rich with antioxidants and hydrating botanicals that your skin craves.

back & Underarm treatments

Back Facial $75
Deep Cleanse
Custom Mask
Ingrown/Bacne Treatment
High Frequency

Underarm Detox $100
This treatment is perfect for anyone with a lot of built up congestion in their underarms, causing odor, breakouts and hyperpigmentation. This is a great service for anyone who regularly uses deodorant and gets ingrowns under their arms.


Classic Set $150

Hybrid Set $160

Volume Set $180

Mega Volume Set $200

Classic Fill In $90

Hybrid Fill In $100

Volume Fill In $120

Mega Volume Fill In $120

Lash Removal

Lash Lift & Tint $120

Lash Lift (No Tint) $100





Full Butt $450

Anal $200

Inner Thighs $350

Underarms $300


Makeup Trial $30.00
Express Natural Look $50.00
Evening Glam $80.00 
Special Occasion- Bridal $100
Special Occasion- 18 & under $65.00

Upgrade to Airbrush $20.00


Paraffin for Hands & Feet $20.00
24k Gold Undereye Treatment $10.00
Dermaplane $45.00
Lymphatic Drainage $20.00
Custom Hydrojelly Mask $20
High Frequency Treatment $10.00
Vaginal Extractions $20.00
Inner Thigh Extractions $25.00
Facial Extractions $20.00
LED Red Light Therapy $20.00